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Our Services
Provision of comprehensive advisory services to fruit producers supplying discerning markets.
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Who Hires Us
Clients range from individual growers to large co-operative packers and managed investment groups.

To date, we have worked in...

Welcome to  Citrus
Australian Kangaroo
Established 2002, in Gingin, Western Australia.
We are a small company best able to provide a range of services that will meet your needs.
We are passionate about what we do, and the services we provide to citrus growers.

Our Approach
As horticulturists, we feel an obligation to consumers to help supply citrus of the highest quality.
We do this through management and control of the fruit quality.
We design our production systems so that the trees and soil do most of the work for us and such that we make maximum use of all our "free" inputs; be they sunlight or beneficial insects.

We offer practical, sustainable alternatives to high chemical input production systems.

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