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We see ourselves as an experienced service organization with the best interests of our clients at the heart of all that we do. Our goal is to provide an ethical, intuitive, sensible service through which our clients are able to gain competitive advantage in discerning fruit markets. They do so by the production of sustained volumes of fruit of the best size range, flavour, highest nutritional value and longest shelf life, grown with minimal chemical residues, and with lowest adverse impact to the environment. Our role is to help our valued clients do this through the systematic implementation of low-risk production systems that bring together the appropriate mix of the best elements of a wide range of production systems, from low-impact to so-called "high-tech". Our aim is to do things right the first time.

Our approach is based on three key principles:

Acceptance of certain facts about how our fruit industry works
Understanding of the issue of fruit quality
Appropriate action for a given situation

We accept that the key to our clients gaining and retaining competitive advantage in discerning markets is the dependable cost-effective production of highest quality, safe to eat fruit., no matter what fruit crop is being produced.

We accept that the parties that benefit most from horticultural operations as they are currently are seldom the producers or property owners, but the wider "service industry", such as chemical suppliers. In many cases, the cost of producing fruit is now equal to, if not exceeded by, the productions costs. To our way of thinking, this makes no business sense, since producers are not truly in control of their operations.

We accept that three powerful forces have recently placed heavy pressure on our horticultural operations:

•  Astronomical price increases of so-called "basic inputs", such as fertilisers, fungicides,
    herbicides and plant growth regulants, as well as general uncertainty as to availability of
    several of these "basics".
•  Increased demands from consumers for safe to eat produce, with minimal or no
   chemical residues.
•  Climate change and the cumulative effects of conventional farming practices on the
    degradation of our natural capital base (fertile soil, clean water and air, abundance of
    beneficial soil microbes and biological control agents).

The question is, what can be done about all this? We believe solutions lie in basic understanding. We accept above all, then, that we cannot control what we do not understand.

We understand that fruit quality does not arise by accident, but rather as the result of effective management of the four links of the fruit quality chain:

•  Quality originates in the orchards, as the result of our choice of management
    interventions, at each stage of the fruit trees' crop cycle.
•  Quality is enhanced by good grading, sizing, waxing and packaging in the pack-house
•  Quality is conserved by gentle harvesting, appropriate application of post-harvest
    fungicides, shipping and storage under correct temperatures, and sale within the shelf life
    of the fruit
•  Quality is rewarded by successful marketing to satisfied, discerning, loyal customers

We believe the key is the role that producers play in their choice of management interventions to achieve their goals. This is a matter of doing the right thing at the right time in the right situation.

Our approach is to help our clients understand what these appropriate actions might be, and to help them get this right the first time. Above all, we understand that we can provide our clients with the practical means of taking back and maintaining true control of their horticultural operations.

How is this done?

We believe that production systems should be designed to operate under simplified management with lower stress and decreased reliance on expensive chemical, energy and financial inputs. Production systems can and should be designed or altered to operate making fullest use of so-called "free" inputs (for example, light and carbon dioxide), whilst conserving the natural capital base of soil fertility, air and water quality, presence of soil beneficial micro- and macro- flora and fauna and biological control agents, such as insect parasitoids and predators. Each of these components has a value to our clients.

The principles and practices behind our production systems are directly applicable to all fruit crops, be they subtropical crops such as citrus, avocadoes, mangoes and litchis, or others such as olives.

Finally, we take courage and inspiration from the following words of a wise man, and leave the "genius" part to Nature.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius- and a lot of courage- to move in the opposite direction."

Albert Einstein

(Quote courtesy of Kevin Harris, 1995: "Collected Quotes of Albert Einstein")

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