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We have a passion for what we do. As a very small company, we believe that our small size and this passion make us best able to meet the individual needs of a wide range of clients producing fruit for discerning markets. We reject the predatory, maladaptive approach of some service sectors of our industry. We are instead committed to follow a restorative approach in our work.

We strongly believe that a business works best when it has a positive vision, high morale, definite standards and high goals. As horticulturists, we believe we have a moral duty to ensure our customers get safe to eat, delicious fruit of the highest possible nutrient value. We advise our clients on how to produce such fruit through the implementation and operation of cost effective and well-designed production systems. We see this as a work in progress, and a very worthy occupation.

So what is a well-designed production system? Good design rests on two principles:

1.  It changes the least number of elements to achieve the greatest result
2.  It removes stress from a system rather than adding it.

We are very proud of the fact that our service is based to the greatest possible extent on sound, logical and sustainable production system design.

We also take pride in the quality of our service, both in terms of the scope of the services offered as well as the manner in the service is delivered to the clients. We offer relevant, ethical, personal, positive, attentive and courteous service as standard to all our valued clients.

So what advisory and production services do we offer?

 Production system appraisal and design
› Derivation of production, packing and post-harvest protocols
› Contract research and confidential in-house special projects
› Advice on a wide range of production matters:
•  Establishment of new plantings
•  Planting models
•  Orchard floor management
•  Mulching and composting
•  Canopy management
•  Citrus phenology
•  Integrated pest- and disease management
•  Soil improvement and conditioning
•  Nutrition programmes
•  Optimisation of production, fruit quality and shelf life
•  Manipulation of flowering and fruit set
•  Management of rind quality and colour
•  Extension of the harvest season
•  Post-harvest physiology
•  Reduction of post-harvest decay strategies
•  Reduction of orchard stresses; biotic and abiotic
•  Crop forecasting and prediction techniques
•  Provision of a technical information subscription service
•  Canopy management strategies on other crops: mangoes and     avocadoes.
•  Technology transfer to groups: workshops, seminars and practical     demonstrations
•  Staff training (e.g. pruning and ethylene degreening)

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"The most truly efficient farm is one…. that builds up its topsoil, that uses water sparingly and thriftily, that uses pesticides rarely, if not at all, that understands that the secret to healthy plants is healthy soil; not deadly chemicals"

Paul Hawken in 'The Ecology of Commerce"

"Choose the option that gives you the most options in the future"

Peter Schwartz

"Short of war there is no greater spectacle of human imbecility than this funnelling off of our mineral fertility into the sea"

Louis Bromfield (on the subject of soil erosion) in "Malabar Farm"

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"

Albert Einstein (from a compilation "Collected quotes form Albert Einstein" by Kevin Harris)


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