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Our services have been engaged and retained by a diverse group of international and local citrus producing clients with a wide range of general or specific requirements.

Our clients range in experience from highly experienced technical personnel through to interested and committed new growers and managed investment schemes.

We have worked in Australia, California, Chile, South Africa, Swaziland and New Zealand on a number of projects, such as those listed below:

•  Provision to existing companies of on-site specialist technical advice and staff training on a    wide range of citrus technologies, including such specifics as ethylene degreening and    canopy management techniques.
•  Provision of comprehensive advisory and support services to existing companies either     considering or wishing to retrofit their production operations to production systems based     on agro-ecological principles
•  Provision of comprehensive technical advisory and support services to new citrus     operations (such as growers, co-operatives, large companies and managed investment     schemes).
•  Confidential special projects and in-house contract research
•  Provision of a detailed and very comprehensive technical information subscription service.
•  Canopy management of mangoes and avocadoes

To discuss how we might be able to meet your requirements, contact us…

(A restorative company) "finds the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands and the mouth".

Wendell Berry in his essay "Conservation is Good Work"

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